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Connor’s annual residential weekend for young people takes place from Friday September 7 to Sunday September 9 at Castlewellan Castle.

Connor Youth Council is inviting all groups of young people to come along for a fully planned, high quality weekend . Groups from different parishes will take part in a variety of sessions together, and enjoy a range of activities and great food.

The cost of the full weekend is £50 to anyone booking before Saturday June 30, or £60 if booked after this date.

Application forms can be COMPLETED ONLINE.

Anyone interested in booking or learning more about this weekend is asked to contact Diocesan Youth Officer Christina Baillie on 07753312405 or christinabaillie@connordiocese.org

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Anyone wanting to attend or with any questions about any of the events below, please contact Diocesan Youth Officer Christina Baillie on christinabaillie@connordiocese.org or 07753312405.


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