Kerri shares her Kenyan experience

Wednesday September 27th 2006

Connor Diocese :: news :: Kerri shares her Kenyan experienceKerri Cunningham, a 17-year-old student and a member of Magheragall Parish Church was the guest speaker at the Senior Citizens’ Club in Magheragall Parish Church.

Kerri travelled to Kenya in July with a CMS Ireland team from local parishes with the ambitious task of building a church in one month. But, thanks to a lot of hard work and team effort, the church was completed in just two weeks.

Bobby Cunningham, Kerri’s father, welcomed about 30 senior citizens and showed an interesting powerpoint presentation produced by CMS Ireland. The photographs, accompanied by African music, showed the team constructing the church and also the scenery, plants and wildlife of this beautiful country.

Kerri gave an excellent powerpoint presentation showing moments and memories from her three-week missionary outreach work in Kenya. These included her accommodation in Kajiado and a tree where worship was previously conducted, followed by photos showing the construction of the church from the initial marking out of the building right through to the completion of what is now St. Patrick’s Church, Kajiado.

Connor Diocese :: News :: Kerri shares her Kenyan experienceThe church will accommodate over 200 people and during the week it will be used as a nursery.
Tea was served after the presentations, providing an opportunity for the senior citizens to chat with Kerri about her work in Kenya. Other members of the parish will have an opportunity to share in Kerri’s experiences when she will make a similar presentation at a Harvest Thanksgiving Service in October.

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