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Streetreach open for applications

 Plans for Streetreach 2019 are well underway. Connor Youth Council has received applications from young people and leaders from across the diocese, but there is still space for some more!

Diocesan Youth Officer Christina Baillie said: “We would love to welcome applications from young people who will have finished Year 8 by the summer for our day programme, and young people who have finished Year 11 and up can apply for the residential programme. Applications are also open to leaders to join the team.”

Applications are available HERE

Streetreach will be a partnership with Mossley Parish in 2019 and 2020 to facilitate a local missional experience for the young people of the diocese. The team will work alongside parish members to run a kids’ club, outreach to families, practical work and a community event.

Sign up for Connor Takes the Castle

Applications are open for the annual Connor youth diocesan discipleship weekend, with the addition of a new VIP scheme!

The first young person to sign up from a parish will gain VIP status, including a free exclusive T-Shirt and lots of perks across the weekend. Applications can be completed HERE.

Diocesan Youth Officer Christina Baillie said: “Connor Youth Council would love to see youth leaders bring groups of young people from parishes across the diocese to join them for a fully planned weekend, taking place in Castlewellan Castle from Friday September 6 to Sunday September 8. The weekend is for all young people aged 11-18 to attend with their leaders.

“The Youth Council has put together a programme which will be a great fit for youth groups in parishes, with sessions led by The Big House; worship; small group time as well as big activities including Soft Arrow Combat and Salt Factory Sports for the Saturday afternoon slot.”

The cost of the weekend is £50 for the early bird rate, if booked before July 2 and £60 thereafter.

For further information on Streetreach or Connor Takes the Castle, please contact Christina on christinabaillie@connordiocese.org

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