Resources for Clergy

The resources in this section have been suggested by clergy and staff in the diocese. If you have a resource which you wish to recommend and be included in the section, please forward it to the Venerable Dr Stephen McBride at

Most of the material listed can be obtained through Richard Ryan

Download a collection of liturgical resources (compiled as part of the diocese’s Liturgical Roadshows October 2015).

prayingPrayers and Intercessions

Hear our Prayer & Leading Intercessions both by Raymond Chapman. These are intercessions based on Common Lectionary readings for years A,B and C.

Prayer for Parish Groups Donal Harrington and Julie Kavanagh Columba Press

Prayers of Intercession, by David Adam, for years AB & C

Clouds and Glory, Year A. Traces of Glory, Year B Traces of and Glory Year C by David Adam

Prayers of Intercession Susan Sayers

Light dawns 100 meditations for public worship from Advent to Epiphany Nick Fawcett

The Rhythm of Life – Celtic Daily Prayer David Adam

Celtic Daily Prayer. Inspirational prayers and readings from the Northumbria Community

Common Worship- Times & Seasons for seasonal material – a useful resource in the preparation of intercessions.

All-Sorts Prayer 1 & 2 interactive prayers for all ages Claire Benton-Evans

Hand writing documentSermon preparation or devotions

The Church of Ireland’s Liturgical Advisory Committee’s Service of Prayer and Naming and the Funeral Service in cases of Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death, as approved by the General Synod, can be downloaded from the Prayer and Worship section of the Church of Ireland website.

The Oxford Bible Commentary

New Jerusalem Biblical Commentary

The Bible for Everyone series Tom Wright This website provides a summary of the readings, historical background and suggestions with regards to proclaiming them. Be aware that sometimes the readings are slightly different from the Revised Common Lectionary. This website provides up to date news and information as well as liturgical resources for the major festivals throughout the year. This website is produced by the Church of Scotland and includes weekly sermon notes and intercessions based on the RCL is a daily online email or app from Scripture Union

Common Worship Living Word edited by Jane Williams. This is a series of four cd-roms for each liturgical year and is produced by redemptorist publication available from

The Meaning in the Miracles by Jeffrey John

Man’s Quest for God & The Prophets, by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time & Meeting Jesus in Mark, both by Marcus Borg

The Greatest Prayer (on the Lord’s Prayer) John Dominic Crossan

The Power of Parable: How fiction by Jesus became fiction about Jesus John Dominic Crossan

Sacred Space from the Irish Jesuits is good for daily personal devotions, available in book form or online at

Our Haven and Our Strength, by Martin Samuel Cohen, a translation of the Psalms with a comment on each by a New York rabbi. Some fresh perspectives from a non-Christian angle.
H+ Course (Bible Society)

The Prayer Course (by Alpha & 24-7 Prayer is group study in six interactive downloadable video sessions based on The Lord’s Prayer – it is FREE a very useful resource in the preparation of pew sheets and has some very good resources for the preparation of one off liturgies.


The Wild Goose community have produced a marvellous selection of festival based liturgical resources their website is

Candles and conifers – from All Saints’ to Advent

Cloth for the cradle – Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

Stages of the way – Lent Holy Week and Easter

Eggs and ashes – Lent and Holy Week

Down to Earth worship for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany Rosie

Coming Ready or Not! All Age services for Advent to Epiphany Val Hawthorne

study groupStudy Groups

Pilgrim is a new series published by the Church of England. It is an innovative and inspiring programme for enquirers and new Christians.

Exploring the Void – a Lent course by Nicholas and Judith Calver

Exploring God’s Mercy Steven Croft – Excellent study resource

Experiencing God’s Mercy Steven Croft

A way through the wilderness – experiencing God’s help in times of crisis Paula Gooder

Essential 100 – Journey through the Bible In 100 readings. Whitney T Kuniholm

Following Jesus: What the NT teaches us, by Daniel Harrington, suitable for group study.

The Prayer Course (by Alpha & 24-7 Prayer is group study in 6 interactive downloadable video sessions based on The Lord’s Prayer – it is FREE

What’s so amazing about grace? Philip Yancey Zondervan

children ministryChildren’s Ministry This is a free website which provides a children’s address on the RCL readings as well as puzzles, word searches and colouring-in pictures all of which are excellent for use in youth organisations and schools This is a free website which provides seasonal and other school assembly talks for a variety of age groups is a useful children’s site that can readily by adapted or adopted as you see fit.

Creative ideas for Children’s Worship Years AB&C Sarah Linton. Each book comes with a CD rom and provides sermon ideas, dramas and intercessions which are suitable to children

Celebrations! All age worship. Nick and Claire Page. This book includes eight ready to use services New Year, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Advent and Christmas

Family All Age Worship. Nick and Claire Page An ecumenical, lectionary-based resources in two magazines, plus a huge library of online materials.

For Christmas ideas please see Advent and Christmas section below.

music backgroundMusic

Small Church Music – – This website is useful for backing tracks, from basic organ/piano to small band versions and is especially helpful in the absence of live musicians.

21st Century Folk Hymnal– published by Kevin Mayhew. Simple versions of a selection of choruses and hymns, both well-known and lesser known.

The Psalms, by Martin E. Leckebusch, 150 metrical psalms for singing to well known hymn tunes.

New Psalms for Common Worship, compiled by Colin Mawby, is a collection of chants for new psalter, with straightforward refrains. Psalm can be chanted by choir/cantor, with congregation joining in refrain, or whole thing can be attempted by congregation, with or without refrain.

Musicademy ‘Worship Backing Band’ DVD series available from


Start! is an enquirers’ course in the vein of Alpha, except that it works more on visuals rather than from texts. This series is especially helpful where literacy an issue. It comprises of six sessions, with two short DVD clips to open and close each topic, provoking and encouraging discussion in between. Handbook material comes with it, making use of cartoons & simple text. This useful introduction to the Christian faith and provides an alternative to the Alpha course. It is available through the Leading your Church into Growth organisation.

NOOMA with Rob Bell. A fantastic series of modern presentations of the teaching of Jesus with questions for group discussion

Jerusalem – The Making of a Holy City, Simon Sebag Montefiore (BBC)

‘Life Journeys’ by Jeff Lucas – a DVD small group series (publisher CWR)

LICC materials including: ‘Life on the Frontline’ & ‘Fruitfulness on the Frontline’  – DVDs for small groups with downloadable resources on website

nativityAdvent and Christmas

Videos – These videos could be used in an all age service but would be particularly relevant to a youthful congregation

The Christmas Scale, what is the good news of Christmas

He came – focuses on incarnation

Someone is coming, looks at a biblical overview to Christmas

‘My Christmas is plastic’ – a reflection on what Christmas is really about

Children’s Services at ChristmasAnimals Stories Christmas Nativity

Christmas Jesus vs Easter Jesus

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