Below are some resources available to download and use for free with your young people. If you would like to provide feedback on these resources, ask any questions or have any other resource needs, please contact Christina on or 077533 12405.

The Story of the Bible (Leaders’ Resource)

The Story of The Bible_ Leader Resource Part 1
The Story of The Bible_ Leader Resource Part 2

This is a resource with 12 sessions to provide a background and understanding to the overarching story through the Bible to help young people to understand and contextualise scripture.

  • Session 1 – Introduction
  • Session 2 – Law and DisOrder?
  • Session 3 – An Israelite History
  • Session 4 – Poetic License
  • Session 5 – Prophets: major key?
  • Session 6 – Prophets: minor key?
  • Session 7 – Life and Times of Jesus
  • Session 8 – A Church History
  • Session 9 -Dear Church, from Paul
  • Session 10 – Dear you, from Paul
  • Session 11 – Dear all, from me
  • Session 12 – All Together Now

The resource will provide a range of optional activities and teaching tools for each session. Please tailor this to suit your group and the young people attending. Many of the ideas will be repeated or continued through the 12 week sessions including craft, scripture memorisation and discussion questions.

If you would like any further resources developed or have any questions about this resource, please contact Christina on


Faith and Doubt are follow up resources for anyone who attended sessions at the Connor Takes the Castle weekend 2018, but can also be used by groups who did not attend as an introduction to exploring asking questions and doubt.

Faith & Doubt Resource Part 1

Faith & Doubt Resource Part 2


Useful support services and networks

youth-resources-sessionsSession Plans

 Faith, Hope and Love can be used in a series of three or as stand-alone sessions. Everything within the sessions is optional to allow for choice for what would work best for your group.

Faith    Hope    Love

Life in Rooms session is a stand alone session.

Here you can down load four sessions which can be used together considering What the Bible says about…..
Being good;    Happiness;     Identity;    Injustice;   Church

Connor Youth Prayer Journal Ideas

Parent & Youth Event Resources – ideas to put into practice when thinking about linking in parents/guardians with your youth programme.

Ripple Plus

(To be used alongside Ripple resources produced by Connor Children’s Officer Jill Hamilton). These have been created for smaller groups who gather with both children and youth, for example a mixed age group during church. The resources here are a few ideas which could help the youth think more about the truths being taught to the children. It is not expected all the ideas should be used for each session but they are here as options.

Ripple+ Thankful&Faithful

Ripple+ Loving God, Loving Others

Ripple + Life of Moses


Question Game   Relay Pictionary   Rocky Walk   Ships & Sailors   Tag Twists    Team Rock Paper Scissors    Human Tic Tac Toe    Read my lips   Consequences     Defining or Not     D-O-W-N     Fixing the Fruit     Fort Building    Fruit Salad     Group Juggle     Ladders     Movie Game     Ninja Tag       Picking Up Seed     Post It Note

Tic Tac Toe Relay       The Pringles Game      Giants, Wizards and Goblins      Grab the Flag      One Body      Sprout Ball       Swappy Santa      4 Square      Links      My Chair      Olé      Seated Volley    Teeth     Wah!      Group Juggle     Head, Shoulders, Knees, Cup!      Splash      Sweets Challenge       Bowl Game     Stir the Porridge      Bodyguard      Cupside Down      Defend the Fort      Extreme Spoons  


Illustrate your Faith- Ecclesiastes 3v11     Illustrate your Faith- Exodus 14v14     Illustrate your Faith- Psalm 47v8


A good ole yarn

Food Olympics Theme Night






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