Prayer Diary

The Connor Diocesan Cycle of Prayer ensures that every parish and chaplaincy in the diocese, its clergy, both active and retired, are prayed for on a specific day each month.  The Cycle of Prayer also includes each of the bishops in the Church of Ireland, our diocesan links and several other groups who have an active connection with the diocese. The members of the Diocesan Council, the Diocesan Office staff and parochial officials are incorporated in the intercessions. You are viewing the Connor Cycle of Prayer 2024.

You can also download the Anglican Cycle of Prayer 2023-26.  


Prayers for the 11th day of the month

St Bartholomew
Kevin Graham
Stephen Green
Ron Elsdon (R)

St Polycarp’s Finaghy & Uper Malone
Louise Stewart
Elizabeth Henderson (R)
Clifford Skillen (R)

St John, Malone
Stephen Fielding
Rt Rev Edward Darling (R)

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