Craigs, Dunaghy and Killagan Parish Information:

Information on services and outreach during Covid-19 crisis

On the parish Facebook page you will find:

  • A daily reading and prayer at 7pm
  • A Sunday Service at 10am (following the weekly lectionary)
  • Every Friday night at 7pm a talk for the young ones
  • Saturdays at 7pm – Praise and prayer for everyone

Moses, the parishes’ puppet, has gone walkabout in the churches and everyone has been tasked with finding him. This initiative – ‘Where’s Moses? – is shared on Facebook.

The parish is ringing its church bells every Sunday at the time of its normal services.

On Thursdays at 8pm the bells at Craigs Parish Church are rung to say thank you and show support for our frontline workers, and this is shown live on Facebook.

The curate-in-charge is contacting parishioners by phone and has sent out daily readings for the next four weeks in a news sheet, and his family have sent all parishioners a postcard to let them all know that they praying for them and miss them. 

The curate-in-charge is working with the Cullybackey Partnership, giving out food parcels to those who need them.

Curate-in-Charge: The Rev Adrian Halligan

Craigs Rectory,
95 Hillmount Road,
Cullybackey ,
Co. Antrim,
BT42 1NZ

Tel 02825880248 (Rectory)   



Parish Office:
Tel: 028 2588 0248

Churches within this Parish:


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