Safeguarding Trust

Safeguarding Trust is the child protection policy of the Church of Ireland. It is designed to safeguard children and to enhance the church’s ministry with children.

The policy has been in place for more than 15 years, although child protection is an area of constant development which means the policy is regularly reviewed to keep pace with changes in legislation and national and regional policies and guidelines.

Responsibility for ensuring the implementation of Safeguarding Trust in each parish lies with the parish panel – the rector and two parishioners. Any concerns regarding the welfare of a child should be reported to a parish panel member who will seek advice from the CPO and statutory agencies and if necessary make a referral to the statutory child protection agency.

The Child Protection Officer NI – CPONI – is Gillian Taylor who is based in Church House Belfast. She can be contacted by: Telephone: 028 9082 8860 or by E-mail:

Information, updates and other news may be accessed at the Safeguarding Trust website.

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