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The University of Ulster, Coleraine and Jordanstown

The Chaplaincy is currently vacant.


 Queen’s University Belfast

The Church of Ireland and Methodist Student Centre (16-26 Elmwood Avenue) is the Anglican and Methodist Chaplaincy at Queen’s University and a central meeting place for many Christians in the University.  There is a common room, small library, and an attractive café (The Hub Cafe) which offers both cheap and nutritious meals.  Around 50 students live in the centre though it is a home to many more.

Recent years have seen the aspirations of the 2002 Church of Ireland and Methodist Covenant realised through the union of the two chaplaincies at Queen’s. The recently refurbished Church of the Resurrection is a lively place of worship for students and University staff and offers a style of service congenial to Anglicans, Methodists and, hopefully, all who gather.  The versatile design of the building enables a wide range of worship activities to take place.  Services are held every Sunday morning throughout the year and Sunday evenings during term time with contemporary worship and the celebration of Holy Communion.

The Church of Ireland and Methodist Chaplain lives on the premises and is responsible for the pastoral care of students at the University and would appreciate it very much if clergy encouraged students to be involved at the Centre. He is also glad to arrange for members of the student community to address meetings about the work of the Church of Ireland and Methodist Church in Ireland in Queen’s.

Each year the Chaplain, together with the Covenant Management Group and the Church of Ireland Board of Education, arranges a series of theological lectures in the University which are widely advertised and open to the public.

Chaplain at Queen’s University, Belfast: Currently vacant

Stranmillis University College

Stranmillis University College is situated at the southern end of Stranmillis Road near the River Lagan.  Students come to take the 4-year degree course, the PGCE or post-graduate studies. 

The Church of Ireland Chaplain hopes to offer students any pastoral support which is needed, and wants to encourage them to integrate the worlds of faith and work which are sadly seen often as separate and unrelated.

It would help enormously if parish clergy could commend the role of the Chaplain to any of their student members studying at Stranmillis.

Chaplain at Stranmillis University College: Currently vacant


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