Disability Awareness Sunday

Friday November 17th 2006

This Sunday, 19 November, is being celebrated as Disability Awareness Sunday by the Church of Ireland.

It is hoped it will provide a stepping stone for more people with disabilities to enter fully into the life of the church.

Dr Judith McGaffin, a member of the Working Group on Disability, said: “Disability Awareness Sunday will be an important day in raising awareness of those issues which often isolate so many people with a disability. Very importantly, too, it is a celebration of the skills and gifts which people with disabilities have to offer."

Disability Awareness Sunday has the active support of the Archbishop of Armagh and the other Bishops. It was held for the first time last year, and has now become an annual event.

If the date this year does not fit in with parish plans, rectors are being encouraged to celebrate the occasion on another Sunday.

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