Bulletin outlines what the Hard Gospel means in practice

Tuesday December 5th 2006

Earl Storey, Director, Hard GospelThe Hard Gospel is about holding a mirror up to the Church of Ireland, reflecting what is there and not what is imagined to be there.

The Hard Gospel Project not only holds up that mirror, but acts on what is seen in the reflection.

What the Hard Gospel Project means in practice is outlined in the first issue of Hard Gospel Bulletin, published this month.

In his welcome on the front of the bulletin, Director Earl Storey writes: “When the Standing Committee of the General Synod established the Hard Gospel Project it was displaying a core belief – any organisation is strengthened by an ability to ask itself difficult questions. It is a courageous thing to do. It is about affirming what is good and having the courage to act when action is needed.”

The Hard Gospel - transforming communities through loving God and loving your neighbour.The Bulletin outlines how Hard Gospel is addressing issues such as immigration and how the Church of Ireland responds to the new situations that immigration offers. It highlights the ‘Reflect and Act’ course which looks at what it means to love our neighbour in 21st century Ireland, north and south, and focuses on project which have  been developed to encourage church engagement with Protestant unionist loyalist communities.

Seminars include ‘The Future – Friend of Foe’ and the continuation of the ‘Beyond the Box’ seminars which are designed to facilitate new thinking and public debate on key issues both inside and outside the church.

To download a pdf of the Hard Gospel Bulletin, click here.

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