New Bishop may be named on March 28

Wednesday March 21st 2007

An Electoral College of the Church of Ireland will meet on March 28 to elect a new Bishop of Connor to succeed the Most Reverend Alan Harper.

The College will take place in Church House, Armagh, following a service of Holy Communion in St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh.

The President of the College will be the Archbishop of Armagh, the Most Reverend Alan Harper, as the vacant bishopric is in the Northern Province of the Church.

The College will consist of 60 members including three members of the House of Bishops, 12 elected clergy and 12 elected lay persons from the Diocese of Connor and elected clergy and lay persons from each of the other dioceses of the Northern Province.

Voting will take place on names brought forward by the College until one name receives two- thirds of the votes of both the lay and clerical members who will vote separately. If no person receives the requisite majority, the appointment will pass to the House of Bishops.

The College is closed to non-electors and media. A result could be known between 4pm and 5pm on March 28.

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