Church leaders welcome political developments

Tuesday March 27th 2007

The announcements on Monday March 26 from the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and the President of Sinn Féin were welcomed by the leaders of the main Churches in Northern Ireland, including Church of Ireland Primate Archbishop Alan Harper.

The leaders said the announcements by the Rev Dr Ian Paisley(DUP) and Mr Gerry Adams(SF)represented an important and welcome development in the search for a stable future for Northern Ireland.
In a statement, Archbishop Harper, the Roman Catholic Primate Archbishop Seán Brady, Presbyterian Moderator the Rt Rev Dr David Clarke and Methodist President the Rev Ivan McElhinney, said: “Along with many others, our Churches have long encouraged local politicians to work towards a devolved government for Northern Ireland and we trust that this is now to be realised.
“We would encourage all to continue to pray for our whole community and our future together.”

They added: “It is important that everybody continues to build a country where all are valued, difference is respected and peace and harmony can flourish.”

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