Dogs welcome at Carnmoney fete!

Friday June 1st 2007

Naughty dogs (and their well-behaved owners) will get a special welcome at Carnmoney Parish Fete which takes place at the church in Glengormley on June 23.

Do you have a delinquent dog, or does your pampered pooch rule the roost?

Robin Bates, a local dog trainer and son of a parishioner, has agreed to come along with some helpers to the fête for an hour from 12noon until 1pm to demonstrate obedience training techniques and give advice to anyone who would like help in training their dogs.

Dog owners are invited to bring their best friend along with them to get inspiration for what can be possible with a little hard work and application.

As well as this special attraction there will be many other events at the Carnmoney Parish Fete that are sure to make this a fun day for everyone.

The fete takes place between 10am until 2pm.

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