Jesus Christ Superstar back on Lisburn stage

Tuesday August 28th 2007

The award-winning Fusion Theatre is bringing its thought-provoking production of Jesus Christ Superstar back to the Island Hall, Lisburn, on September 6, 7 and 8.

This production won Best Modern Opera at the Association of Irish Musical Societies’ annual awards earlier this year, and features Nick Parks as Judas and Chris Milford in the title role.

In keeping with the “inclusive ethos” espoused by Fusion Theatre,  part of the preparatory work for the production has been a workshop led by representatives of various denominations, in which the young cast explored the theology behind this piece of theatre. Fusion Theatre points out that this is a piece of theatre, and does not endorse it from either a historical or theological perspective.

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera, and as such facilitates discussion about personal faith issues and convictions. This makes it an attractive “night out” for church youth groups and bible clubs. While the young people enjoy the music and the performance, it provokes thought and discussion about what really matters.

Church groups interested in this opportunity can get tickets from the Island Hall on 028 9250 9250 or online at

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