Ageability Committee publishes report on Dementia

Tuesday October 16th 2007

The Ageability Committee of Connor Diocese has produced a report on the topic of Dementia, which was launched at Diocesan Synod on October 11.

Entitled “Ageing Minds – Caring Church?” the report aims to broaden people’s understanding of the condition.

Dementia is age-related. As the number of older people in the population rises, so its incidence rises. It is estimated that there will be 37,000 people in Northern Ireland with Dementia by 2031.

The report explains the background to the illness, how it progresses over time, how it impacts on the sufferer and the carers. It considers how communication with the sufferer might be initiated and maintained. It highlights the stresses placed upon family carers and how the local church can play an important role in supporting both sufferer and carer.

The report has been written with both clergy and laity in mind. The appendices suggest practical steps to communicating with people with dementia as well as suitable forms of worship.

Copies of the report may be obtained by writing to the Committee Secretary: Mr J. Johnston, 2 Rosstulla Park, Newtownabbey, BT37 0QQ.

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