Service in St Anne’s Cathedral for those in need of healing

Friday October 26th 2007

Joe Dalton.A man who has a tremendous experience of God’s healing power will be speaking in St Anne’s Cathedral on Monday, November 5 at 8 pm. 

Joe Dalton from Dublin became deeply depressed at the age of 13 when he was molested by a man in a cinema.  He tried everything to find healing, including psychiatric treatment and hospitalisation, but nothing worked. 

Eventually, after 31 years of depression, he found healing in a miraculous and instantaneous way through his relationship with God.

Brother David Jardine, organiser of the service in St. Anne’s Cathedral said:: “Depression is the most common illness in our country at this time and the main reason why people have to take time off work.  Joe Dalton has received an amazing healing himself and can help others to do the same.  He is a very impressive speaker and he will also be praying with people on 5 November.”

Those who need healing for any condition will be welcome to come to this service in St. Anne’s Cathedral.  Personal prayer and anointing with oil will be available to all. 

Worship will be led by Paul and Beulah Shields.  Sister Margaret McStay and Brother David Jardine will also be taking part.

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