Updated book launched at Agherton

Tuesday January 8th 2008

Rev Nial Sloane, former curate assistant, Aghergton, the Very Rev Victor G Griffin, author, Dean Houston McKelvey and the Rev Stephen Fielding, rector of Agherton Parish, at the booklaunch.Agherton Parish was the venue for the recent launch of a book entitled 'A Short Catechism of Basic Church Teaching.'

Written by the Very Rev Victor G Griffin, the book includes an appendix by the Rev Niall Sloane (former Curate of Agherton Parish). 

The launch was well attended with guests including the Very Rev Dr V Griffin, the Very Rev Dr H McKelvey (Dean of Belfast).and the Rev Niall Sloane, as well as other members of the clergy, friends and parishioners.  The rector is the Rev Stephen Fielding.

The book was revised and updated from the original in 1963.  Copies are available in the Good Book Shop, Belfast, and the Resource Centre, Rathmines, Dublin.

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