Black Santa Sitout raised £260,000

Wednesday January 30th 2008

'Black Santa' - Dean Houston McKelveyMore than 170 charities and community groups will be represented at “The Good Samaritans’ Service” in the St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, on Sunday February 3 at 3.30pm.

At the service donations from the 31st annual pre-Christmas ‘Black Santa’ sitout for charities will be presented.

Making the presentations will be the Rev David Humphries, Mrs T McGrath and Mr Paul Clark.

Mr Humphries is a former Vicar Choral at the Cathedral and is the longest serving member of the ‘Black Santa’ team. He is rector of St Molua’s, Stormont, which has been supportive of the Sitout since it began.

Mrs McGrath is the wife of Tom McGrath, president of the Belfast Institute of Insurance which held its Centenary service in the Cathedral last year  – the collection at this service was donated to the Sitout.

Paul Clark of UTV is representing the media and the contribution it makes to the Sitout.

The lesson will be read by Mrs Corinne Latham, a teacher at Glenwood Primary School whose pupils raised funds for the Sitout by producing and selling a cookery book as part of a unit of study on economic development.

The 31st Sitout raised in excess of £260,000.

The Dean of Belfast, Dean Houston McKelvey, said : “We will be delighted to welcome those who gave most generously to the Sitout.”

He added: “The principal window behind the Sanctuary of the Cathedral is that of the Good Samaritan. It was brought to the Cathedral from the Old Parish Church of St Anne which stood on the site of the present building. It is in a very real sense a motif of the work being done by those charities, groups and individuals who will be recognized at the service.”

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