Divine Healing Ministries’ group travels to Colombia

Wednesday February 20th 2008

Canon Bro David Jardine who is conducting healing services and training in Colombia.Canon Brother David Jardine, founder of Divine Healing Ministries, is part of a five-strong team which headed to Colombia, South America, this month.

Colombia is notorious for drugs trafficking. Based in Cali, the country’s third largest city, the group will be teaching healing to pastors and lay people from the Pentecostal Church as well as conducting healing services.

The group has been invited to Cali by Pastor Hendrick, a Dutchman who has worked as a Pentecostal Pastor in the city for 20 years. He is a close friend of group member Paul Shields of West Church Presbyterian, Bangor, and has visited West Church.

Brother Jardine said there was quite a spiritual movement in Colombia. “They can get up 50,000 people in Cali Football Stadium for a Night of Prayer,” he said.

“The country is mostly Roman Catholic, but the Pentecostal faith is growing very fast, and it is the same right across South America.”

The group will visit a number of churches across the city.

“When people ask what are you going there for we say it is to teach healing and conduct healing services but  I always say that wherever you go you learn as much as you teach,” said Bro Jardine.

“We are going into a place where the faith is strong and where people expect miracles. Over there they are advertising these as miracle services.”

He is not daunted by these high expectations. “I have been praying about this for a year. I feel that it is going to be the greatest trip that we have ever had. I feel it in my spirit.”

Bro Jardine, who was ordained a priest in the Church of Ireland in 1968, founded the inter-denominational Divine Healing Ministries in 1993 with the aim of praying for the healing of individuals and the healing of this land.

Representatives normally travel abroad at least once a year and in 2006 were conducting healing services in temperatures of minus 30 in the Arctic in April and in October were braving the heat of Jamaica.

Joining Bro Jardine and Paul Shields on this trip are Ronnie Orr from Knock Presbyterian, Belfast; Eric Lewis, from St Hilda’s Church of Ireland, Lambeg; and Don McCartney from Dundrod Presbyterian.

The group travelled to Cali on February 13 via London and Houston, Texas. They return to Northern Ireland on February 27, and will be reporting on their trip at a service in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, starting at 8pm on March 3.

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