Entries sought for magazine and website competition

Friday February 22nd 2008

Magazine and website editors from any group connected to or associated with the Church of Ireland are urged to enter the annual excellence competition.

This year a new category has been introduced to recognise advances in communications with a prize for the most innovative use of newer technologies.

The competition is run by the Church’s Central Communications Board. Design and layout, editorial content and outreach potential are once again to be the standards of excellence.

In the Print Media section entries are invited in two categories:

• Diocesan Magazines
• Parish Magazine/Newsletter

In the Website section entries are invited in two categories:

• Diocesan Website
• Parish Website

A new category:

• Most innovative use of Newer Technologies

The chairman of the Central Communications Board Chairman, the Archbishop of Armagh, the Most Reverend Alan Harper said: “Communication and proclamation are at the heart of the work of the Church of God. The 21st century is seeing an explosion in the variety of media available for the work of communication and proclamation. When shall we begin to exploit emerging digital media – even that which is consciously ephemeral – to communicate the Christian message?

“Since we have to compete for attention in an increasingly crowded and pluriform communications marketplace it is necessary that we should be on top of our game. That is why the annual Magazine and Website Competition is so important – competition challenges parishes, dioceses, organizations and groups to strive harder and achieve more.”

The Archbishop went on: “This year we are inviting entries in a category that embraces the most innovative use of newer technologies. Let’s see what new methods are out there that can be harnessed in the service of the Church, after all: ‘He who whispers down a well when he has good things to sell, will not make as many dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers!’”
Closing date for entries is March 14, and winners will be announced at the General Synod in Galway in May 2008.

Please obtain an entry form from the address below, or download it here, and send entries as follows:

Magazines and newsletters – one recent copy – to Jenny Compston, Press Office, Church of Ireland House, 61-67 Donegall St, Belfast, BT 1 2QH, Northern Ireland.

Websites, please supply an e-mail containing the URL to:  press@ireland.anglican.org

Most innovative use of newer technologies, please send an example or link including a description of the technology, how applied and the objective of the initiative to Jenny Compston, address as above, or to press@ireland.anglican.org.

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