Premature baby unit appeal to MU members

Friday February 29th 2008

Little dresses and soft quilts will make life more comfortable for tiny babies at the Royal.The premature baby unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital is appealing to members of Connor Mothers’ Union to provide vital items for tiny babies.

In the past MU members have donated little dresses to the unit, and have also made quilts suitable for use in incubators

A letter from Sister Eileen Simpson and Staff Nurse Glenda Reid reads:

“In the past we have received some beautiful white cotton dresses for our premature babies from Connor Mothers' Union.

These have been used particularly when very ill babies are being baptized. The parents often keep the dresses as they are very precious to them, being the first thing that their baby has ever worn, and sometimes the only thing that they will ever wear.

We now find ourselves in short supply and wonder if your ladies could supply us with some more.

We also notice from your website that you also provide cot quilts suitable for premature babies. We use cotton quits in incubators to give these tiny babies something soft to lie on.

These are all donated by organisations such as yours and relatives of our parents as they are not provided by hospital laundry service. Therefore if Connor MU could supply some of these cot quilts, it would be very much appreciated.”

If any MU branch within Connor is able to help make life more comfortable for these tiny babies and their families by supplying dresses or quilts, please contact Karen Bushby, Connor Diocesan Communications Officer, on 028 4066 0798 or email

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