Beauty of Belfast Cathedral captured on a stamp

Tuesday May 13th 2008

The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev Dr Houston McKelvey, with a mock-up of the Royal Mail stamp featuring St Anne's Cathedral.The interior of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, features on one of six new stamps issued by Royal Mail on Tuesday May 13.

Belfast Cathedral is pictured along with Lichfield, Gloucester, St David’s, Westminster, and St Magnus in the Orkney Islands. They are accompanied by a four-stamp St Paul’s Cathedral miniature sheet.

The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev Dr Houston McKelvey, said: “I am delighted that Belfast Cathedral has been selected to feature on one of these stamps. It is both a thrill and a treat to see the ornate features of our cathedral in such intricate detail and I congratulate Royal Mail on the production of this very special stamp issue.”

The Dean went on:  “There is more to Belfast Cathedral than being a place for daily worship. It has also been at the forefront of many events in its long history, providing a peaceful environment and hospitable space for civic, community and inter-church services.

“It dominates the skyline of our city with its new Spire of Hope and rightly deserves to stand alongside the five other cathedrals on these stamps with its majestic beauty and splendour.”

Each of the six stamps is photographed in black and white with the images taken facing towards the individual high altars. The use of natural light of each cathedral brings out their stunning and diverse interiors.

The stamps and the miniature sheet are designed by Howard Brown whose focus on St Paul’s is in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the completion of the cathedral. Peter Marlow photographed the six cathedrals.

Barbara Roulston, head of external relations, Royal Mail group, said: “These stamps are a fitting tribute to these beautiful and prominent buildings. Cathedrals up and down the land continue to provide an oasis of calm and serenity for millions of visitors and I am delighted to see Northern Ireland represented by Belfast Cathedral.”

St Anne’s features on the 48p stamp.

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