Day of Prayer for our Land in St Anne’s Cathedral

Wednesday June 11th 2008

Bro David Jardine.There will be an interdenominational day of prayer for our Land in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, on Saturday June 21 from 10.30am until 3.30pm. 

The theme of the day will be ‘Love One Another.’  Amongst those leading will be journalist Alf McCreary, Bishop Donal McKeown, former President of the Methodist Church in Ireland Jim Rea, Michael Perrott (author, and founder of Christian Guidelines) and Sister Eileen Hegarty.

Brother David Jardine of Divine Healing Ministries, who helped organise the day, said: “Thankfully, there is a great deal that is going well in our country.  Violence has subsided, the Assembly is working, people have a chance to lead normal lives again, and the whole place is looking well. 

“But there is still an amazing amount of hurt in our land, the division between people is very deep, and some aspects of our society have almost collapsed.  On 21 June we will have an opportunity to come together to give thanks, and also to pray into difficulties that remain.”

Bro Jardine went on: “I believe it was faithful prayer that saved this country from slipping over the edge during the days of violence and eventually pulled us through to the hope of a brighter future.  Although it is not so obvious now prayer is still desperately needed to keep the faith strong in this country and to create new and harmonious relationships.”

All are welcome.  Refreshments will be served throughout the day.  Music will be led by St. Joseph’s Church, Drumbo;  Paul and Beulah Shields, and Paul and Sharon Reid.

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