Inner healing at St Anne’s Cathedral

Tuesday September 2nd 2008

Canon Bro David Jardine of Divine Healing Ministries.Brother David Jardine, Director of Divine Healing Ministries, will speak on ‘inner healing’ at a series of Monday night services in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast.

On September 15 and 22 and October 6 and 13 he will talk about healing that is available for those suffering from depression, fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, hurts from the past, the effects of trauma, inability to forgive, abuse of various kinds, broken relationships. 

A firm believer that peace and healing are available through this ministry, David Jardine said: “Whether the person has been deeply traumatised or is just anxious about something we can help them to find peace.  Normally we do this through listening, praying with the laying-on of hands and helping them to grow in their relationship with God.  This is a very gentle ministry, but effective in helping people whatever the cause of their inner distress.”

David went on: “In any community there are always many who need inner healing, but in our community in Northern Ireland there are still so many people who have been deeply hurt through the Troubles.  All of these people can be helped through these services in St. Anne’s Cathedral.”

Personal prayer for healing and the anointing with oil will be available at each service. Services begin at 8pm.

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