2008 University of Ulster Theological Lectures

Friday September 26th 2008

Professor Gordon WenhamThe 2008 University of Ulster Theological Lectures, organised by the Church or Ireland chaplaincy in Jordanstown and Belfast, will be delivered by Professor Gordon Wenham on November 3 and 4.

The topic is the role and place of the Old Testament as Christian Scripture – its authority, relevance and interpretation in the life of the Church.

In the first lecture, Dr Wenham will be examining what can be learned from the law. This is particularly appropriate in light of recent discussions in the Anglican Communion over the interpretation and place of books in the Hebrew Bible such as Leviticus. This lecture will be introduced by the Rev Dr Maurice Elliott, Director of the new Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

The approach adopted in the second lecture will be highly innovative: the role of the Psalms in Christian ethics will be examined. This approach will be fascinating in both its method and conclusions.

As usual, the lectures are open to all and are free of charge.

Professor Wenham lectured for a number of years at Queen’s University, Belfast, in the School of Semitic studies. He is in much demand as an academic across the world, and his commentaries on Genesis and Leviticus remain seminal.

He has contributed in a major way to recent debate in the Anglican Communion through various papers presented to various audiences, such as the Fourth NEAC 2003.

Professor Gordon Wenham's brother David gave the lectures at Queen's in last February.

The lectures take place at the University of Ulster, York Street at 7.30pm with tea and coffee available from 6.30pm. Free car parking is available in St Anne's Cathedral car park.

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