CMSI supports people of Eastern Congo

Friday October 31st 2008

Ian Smith, CMSI Director of MissionThe Church Mission Society Ireland (CMSI) has voiced its support for the embattled people of Eastern Congo.

In a statement CMSI said: “As desperation strikes into the hearts of the people of Eastern Congo, the local Anglican Church is trying to help. With UN peace-keepers finding that they are unable to contain the panic, and government troops fleeing, rumours of the imminent arrival of Rwandan-backed rebel forces are causing many to flee the town of Goma.”

The Anglican diocese of Bukavu and its bishop, the Rt Rev Sylvestre Bahati-Busane, is in partnership with CMSI.

CMSI Director of Mission, Ian Smith, said: “At the moment we are monitoring the situation with regular updates, but have assured Bishop Bahati of the love and prayers of the Irish people, and we will help facilitate emergency support if required.”

Life is difficult for families in Eastern Congo.It is anticipated that Bishop Bahati will need practical help as well as funding but CMSI is prepared to respond appropriately along the lines requested by the partner.

CMSI has a good track record of responding positively in difficult situations and bases this on its policy of building up mutual partnerships in various parts of the world.

Mr Smith emphasised: “By working through the local people CMSI responds quickly, accurately and decisively when difficult days arrive.”

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