Young people create mural at Holy Trinity, Woodburn

Friday November 14th 2008

Ashton, Jonathan, Clare and Karl with the mural they made for Holy Trinity Parish, Woodburn.A group of young people at Holy Trinity, Woodburn, designed and produced a new mural which has been erected outside the church.

This was a community arts project funded by the local council, and provided the opportunity for four of the parish’s young people to put their artistic talents to good use and design a mural to advertise Holy Trinity and glorify God. 

The designers were Ashton Montgomery, 19, St Andrew's student; Jonathan Mulligan, 19, Liverpool University student; Clare Mulligan, 19, University of Ulster at Magee student; and Karl Love, 17, A level student at Carrickfergus Grammar School.

All four agreed that the Holy Trinity aim (A Bible in their hands, a Saviour in their hearts, a Purpose in their lives) should feature in this mural, and they also designed the mural so that it illustrates this aim. 

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