War veteran recalls his experiences for BB company

Tuesday November 18th 2008

Captain Austin Ardill, 91, talking to the Holy Trinity Woodburn BB.Captain Austin Ardill, aged 91, paid a visit to Holy Trinity, Woodburn, BB company on November 10. 

Captain Ardill, a parishioner at Holy Trinity, was awarded a Military Cross during the Second World War. He was taken prisoner of war on the island of Leeros and remained imprisoned for 18 months until his release by the Allied invasion after D-Day. 

His visit was part of events organised by 8th Carrickfergus BB Company Section to mark the 90th anniversary of the ending of World War One.

Captain Ardill spoke to the Company and Junior Sections about his faith, joining the army, fighting in the war and his experiences of being a POW.

As they remembered the fallen of all conflicts in the world, the boys viewed footage of the first and second world wars, listened to some of Prime Minister Churchill’s speeches, and had the chance to look at some wartime memorabilia.

They also enjoyed asking Captain Ardill questions.

On Remembrance Sunday, Captain Ardill laid the wreath and led the act of remembrance at Holy Trinity Woodburn.

Getting to grips with wartime weaponry.This young BB member demonstrates the use of the gasmask.

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