Changes to USPG Projects Scheme announced

Monday January 5th 2009

USPG Anglicans in World Mission has announced changes to its Projects Scheme to make it easier for parishes and individuals to target their giving and see communities transformed by God’s love.

By supporting one of USPG’s projects will be providing practical help and inspiring hope. Each of the projects represents what fellow Anglicans believe God is calling them to do in their particular situation.

All the work that USPG currently funds will be included in the brochure and on the website. The current phase will run for 2009, and the next one 2010 -2012.

Projects have been grouped into five categories: Healthcare for all; Building communities; Training leaders; Caring for young lives; Action on HIV. Projects can also be located on the website by country listing. Information sheets, newsletters, posters, photographs etc. will be available. Initially up to 270 pieces of work will be detailed on the website, but from 2009 all work nominated for funding by our partners will appear.

USPG has outlined the following reasons why parishes should give their support:

1. We are more than an aid agency
USPG supports development work – including healthcare, education and agricultural training – but for us, that is only the start. We also support church growth programmes, training for church leaders and dialogue with other faith communities. For us mission is about both the spiritual and the practical, worship and good works.
2. We provide a link to mission in more than 50 countries
Many parts of the Anglican Communion are frequently overlooked because they do not have the infrastructure to advertise themselves or because they are kept quiet by government regimes. But no church is invisible to USPG.

3. We draw upon 300 years of experience
Since 1701, we have been working in direct partnership with churches throughout the world. We are able to draw upon this accumulated expertise to ensure that your donations go where help is most needed.

4. We are in it for the long haul
While journalists and aid agencies move from crisis to crisis, the Anglican Church is a constant presence – part of the local culture. Indeed, in many countries, USPG’s Anglican partners are the primary source of ongoing practical and pastoral support, providing the most effective means for reaching isolated rural communities.

5. We are the modern face of mission
The notion of colonising missionaries in pith helmets is long gone. Instead, mission today means two-way relationships. It means exchanging ideas, personnel and resources – from everywhere to everywhere.

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