A first as non-Anglican delivers Queen’s Theology Lecture

Friday January 23rd 2009

The Rev Dr David Wilkinson.The 2009 Church of Ireland Annual Theological Lectures at Queen’s will take place on Monday February 9 and Tuesday February 10.

For the first time ever, a leading non-Anglican theologian will deliver the lecture. The Rev Dr David Wilkinson is Principal of St John’s College at the University of Durham, and is also lecturer in the department of Theology and Religion.

He is the only non-Anglican in England with responsibility for the oversight of residential Church of England ordination training.

Dr Wilkinson’s lectures are entitled: Dawkins, Hawking and the Accelerating Universe, and Science and Theology in Contemporary Dialogue. In lecture one on Monday Dr Wilkinson will address the subject ‘Searching for God in the origin of the universe’ and on Tuesday the topic is: ‘Left behind, frozen or fried? Christian hope in a scientific world.’

Both lectures take place at 6pm in the Geography Lecture Theatre, opposite the Church of Ireland Student Centre at 22 Elmwood Avenue. Tea and biscuits will be served from 4.45pm in The Oasis, at 22 Elmwood Avenue.

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