St Nicholas’ parishioners celebrate with a picnic

Thursday June 4th 2009

Andrea Rea accompanies the singing.St Nicholas Parish Church, Belfast, joined with three other churches on the Lisburn Road for a united celebration ‘Pentecost Praise and Picnic in the Park’ at St Nicholas’s parish halls in Cadogan Park on May 31.
There was an encouraging attendance of around 50 from St Nicholas, Ulsterville and Windsor Presbyterian and Belfast South Methodist Churches.

The celebration began with a short worship time when Andrea Rea led on guitar or violin for the songs and all of the clergy took part in reading the liturgy. 

Tables were then brought out and picnics produced – some even brought barbecues.  Games were organised for the children and helium balloons and a bubble machine produced lots of air!  Because it was such a hot sunny day there wasn't enough wind to fly the three kites that had been brought along!
St Nicholas parish will host its next picnic is on June 14 when the Sunday Space year ends and parishioners all bring a picnic lunch to church. 

The crowd gathers for worhsip before the picnic at St Nicholas, Belfast.

Enjoying the picnic.

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