St Andrew, Glencairn, Parish Prayer Walk

Thursday July 2nd 2009

The opening song at the start of the Prayer Walk.The Church of St Andrew, Glencairn, went on a Prayer Walk up and down Forthriver Road on Sunday June 28.

Parishioners were accompanied by the Bishop of Connor, the Rt Rev Alan Abernethy and his wife Liz. They walked up the hill to the junction with Forthriver Park and there held an act of worship including a song, a reading and prayers. The infirm travelled by minibus and car.

Then down the hill again to the junction with Forthriver Drive and there worship continued. Bishop Alan gave a short address on the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13). This involved all present joining in vigorous actions to illustrate:

On the march.• the birds zooming down to pick up the seeds scattered on the path;

• the scorching of the seeds that fell on rocky places;

• the thorns choking the life out of the plants that were trying to grow amongst them;

• the seeds that fell on good soil and grew up strong to bear much fruit.

The Church was today scattering seeds on the Forthriver Road, being bold witnesses to the saving power of Jesus in our lives.

Joining in the parable - fluorishing plants!The group returned to the church building where worship concluded with the distribution of prizes to the members of the Investigators’ Club (AKA the Sunday School) and a closing song. Bishop Alan sang the Blessing.

The Investigators (Sunday School) receive their awards from the Bishop.

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