Warm welcome to Christian conventions in Portrush

Thursday July 30th 2009

Two weeks of Christian worship and witness will take place in Portrush in early August.

The Irish Alliance of Christian Workers’ Unions holds its annual convention  in Portrush Presbyterian Church (kindly granted) from August 3-7, while the following week the Christian Police Association hosts its annual convention at the same venue.

During the Irish Alliance of Christian Workers’ Unions convention, there will be Bible readings each morning from Monday to Thursday at 11am. The guest speaker is Pastor Victor Maxwell. Evening rallies take place at 7.30pm from Monday to Friday. Speaker on the Monday is Pastor Maxwell, while Pastor John Harris will address the rallies from Tuesday to Friday.

A missionary meeting will take place at 10.30am on Friday, and the speaker is Mr Stephen Williamson, Director of the Oriental Missionary Society. This will be followed by a light lunch.

Music at the evening rallies will be provided as follows: Monday – The Dickey Trio; Tuesday – Robert and Margaret McMaster; Wednesday – Miss Elizabeth Alexander and Thursday and Friday – Mrs Anne Cunningham.

Everyone is welcome to attend all events. For further information contact 028 7941 8239.

The Christian Police Association Convention takes place in Portrush Presbyterian Church from Saturday August 8 until Friday August 14. Saturday is an informal evening, and on Sunday at 6.30pm the CPA members meet with the congregation of Portrush Presbyterian Church for worship. All are welcome at this service, and at other events during the week.

These include readings at 10.30am each morning with Rev George Speers; and evening rallies at 7.30pm with Pastor Robert Murdock from Canada.

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