Legacy allows Connor MU to set up holiday fund for families in need

Tuesday September 1st 2009

The Diocesan Trustee Board of Connor Mothers’ Union is to set up a fund for ‘Away from it All’ holidays for families in need.

The Fund has been made possible by an unexpected windfall of €1,000, part of a €15,000  legacy willed to the MU in Ireland from the  estate  of  the  late  Mrs  Helen  Jackson  of  Donegal. 

Mrs  Jackson  had  not  been  a  member  of  Mothers’  Union  herself  but  her  mother  had  been  an  enthusiastic  member  and  Mrs  Jackson  greatly  admired  the  work  of  the  organisation.

It  was  decided  by  the  All  Ireland  Trustees  that  €3000  would  be  donated  to  the  Worldwide  Fund  and  the  remaining  €12,000  divided  equally  among  the  12  dioceses  in  Ireland,  according  to  Mrs  Jackson’s  wishes. 

Connor  Diocese  will  benefit  to  the  tune  of  €1,000   and  the  Diocesan  Trustee  Board  have  decided  to  use  this  money  to  start  a  fund  for  the  ‘Away  from  it  All’  holidays.

Diocesan President Moira Thom said: “In  these  difficult  times  it  is  a  way  for  Mothers’  Union  to  offer  practical  support  to  people  in  our  parishes.  Much  thought  and  prayer  will  be  needed  and  we  hope  members  will  support  the  initiative  as  it  is  developed.”

It is hoped  to  have  the  project  underway  by  summer  2010.

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