CD to help people pray for those with cancer

Friday September 4th 2009

Brother David JardineBrother David Jardine, director of Divine Healing Ministries, has brought out a CD ‘Praying for those with cancer.’ 

David has been involved in the ministry of divine healing since 1972, so he puts a wealth of experience into this CD.  He makes good practical suggestions about praying for someone we know to have cancer; how to pray with them in a non-threatening way; and how those with cancer can pray for themselves. 

He gives examples of people he has prayed for who have received healing at different levels: some who have been completely healed or gone into remission; others who have received great peace, freedom from pain or partial healing; and other beneficial results. 

David said: “In Divine Healing Ministries the two most common conditions that we are asked to pray for are cancer and depression.  There is hardly a family in the country that has not been touched by cancer.  Our way of praying is gentle and effective.  It gives relatives and cancer sufferers something positive to do, with benefits for body, mind and spirit.”

The CD ‘Praying for those with cancer’ lasts 48 minutes and can be obtained from Divine Healing Ministries at the cost of £5.50 (including postage).  You can order the CD by ringing 028 9031 1532 or through the website.

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