Festival play focuses on Belfast’s Jewish community

Friday October 16th 2009

A play about the Belfast Jewish community, being Jewish in Belfast and the sense of a religious community fading away despite having had a profound impact on the city opens on October 21.

‘This is What We Sang’ rungs until October 29 in the Belfast Synagogue, Somerton Road, and is part of the Belfast Festival.

Starring Lalor Roddy, Laura Hughes, Jo Donnelly, Paul Kennedy and Alan Burke, ‘This Is What We Sang’ is the culmination of a two year project conducted by Kabosh and the Belfast Jewish Community. The company interviewed 23 members of the community, which the Dublin playwright Gavin Kostick then fashioned into a fictionalised account of one family’s journey through 20th century Belfast.

Set on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, ‘This Is What We Sang’ sees five family members from across the 20th century gather to confront their shared histories. Through the prism of their memories, the characters allow us an eye on the narratives of the past, their loves and struggles, religion and secrets. To see this play performed in the Belfast Synagogue is an experience not to be missed, for anyone interested in the history of Belfast and its people.

The play begins at 8pm each evening. It runs for around 90 minutes and is suitable for 14+ age ranges. Tickets can be booked  on: https://ebooking.qub.ac.uk/belfastfestival/ShowDatesCombo.aspx

‘Lev: What did I see when I arrived? I saw the docks of course and the shipyards. And I saw the Customs House. It had these gods carved on it and a man next to me: an educated man he must have been, he picked them out and said they were the gods of Manufacture, Commerce, Industry and oy, Peace, Peace of course. So I thought great, this is what I want. A city whose gods are Manufacture, Commerce, Industry and Peace. This is a good sign.’


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