All Saint’s rector launches two books

Tuesday November 3rd 2009

The Rev Dr Bryan Follis, seated, launches his books along with, from left: Bishop Harold Millar, Archdeacon Philip Patterson and Prof Stephen Williams. Photo Cameron Jones.The Rev Dr Bryan Follis, rector of All Saints' Church in University Street, Belfast, recently launched two books at the Good Book Shop in Church House, Belfast.

Some 50 guests from a variety of churches and backgrounds attended the reception to mark the launch of the books.
Professor Stephen Williams, of Union Theological College, introduced Bryan's book on Ecclesiasties, ‘What am I doing here?’ He strongly commended it as a very suitable book to give to someone beyond the church who is struggling with the question of life's meaning. Professor Williams said that the book was "equally sensitive to people's pain and to God's provision" and he found it "both sobering and heart-warming, thoroughly honest about us as humans."
Archdeacon Philip Patterson introduced Bryan's booklet on Anglicanism, ‘Anglican Evangelicans: a contradiction in terms?’ He thanked Bryan for writing on the Biblical heritage of the Church of Ireland and for engaging with the 39 Articles in a way which made them accessible to people in the 21st century. He joked that "while not everyone would agree with Bryan's approach and interpretation, Bryan would be shocked if everyone did agree with him!" Archdeacon Patterson said he thought the booklet would be very helpful for the person in the pew.
Bishop Harold Millar, who was also present, closed the reception with prayer after thanking Dr Follis for his willingness to develop a writing ministry in addition to his other parish duties.
Copies of ‘Anglican Evangelicals’ and ‘What am I doing here?’ can be purchased from the Good Book Shop for £3 and £3.50 respectively.

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