Victorian Christmas revisited in Glenarm

Tuesday December 15th 2009

The scene is set for the Victorian Christmas concert in Glenarm.St Patrick's Parish Church, Glenarm, hosted a Victorian Christmas on Friday December 11.

The historic church was beautifully decorated for the occasion, setting a very Victorian atmosphere.

The first scene took place in the kitchen where the housekeeper introduced the staff who, in turn, gave brief descriptions of their various duties. Poetry was recited and extracts were read from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

The scene then changed to upstairs. Lord and Llady Tickmacrevan and their guests, having finished their Members of Larne Concert Choir (back) took on the roles of  Lord and Lady Tickmacrevan with their guests. The staff were played by the Tickmacrevan Readers and three of the parish Young Members Group. At front, left to right; Blaze the scullery maid, Callum the butler and Jamie the footman. Next row, left to right, Dunlop the housemaid, Mrs Tinsley the housekeeper, Pullins the cook, Miss Penny the music teacher, Miss Julie the lady's maid and Miss Bessie the governess. Far right is Richard Barns, piano accompanist for the evening.Christmas dinner, made their way to the drawing room where they and the staff entertained the audience with more prose, poetry and a selection of musical pieces. The guest pianist was Christina McCambridge and soloists were Jamie Johnston and Thomasena Hall.

To end the concert the audience joined with the performers to sing the first verse of Hark! the Herald Angels Sing. Everyone then enjoyed a cup of hot ginger cordial and shortbread before going home.

The proceeds from the evening go to the church Tower Restoration Fund.

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