Another excellent turnout for seminar in Bushmills

Tuesday March 9th 2010

Enjoying a cuppa during the Bishop's first seminar in Bushmills.There was another excellent turnout at the Dunluce Centre, Bushmills, for the Bishop of Connor, the Rt Rev Alan Abernethy’s second seminar on the topic Jesus is Lord.

The Bishop is now more than half way through his third annual Equipping the Saints series of Lenten seminars.

He delivered the first seminar on the topic Jesus is Lord in St Peter’s Parish Church, Belfast, where more than 150 people were present; the Dunluce Centre, Bushmills, which attracted 220, and Drummaul Parish Church, Randalstown, which was attended by 157 people on March 3.

In the first seminar, Bishop Alan reflected on the birth, life, ministry and teaching of Jesus. He asked his audience to consider their perception and understand of Jesus. “It is important to grasp the importance of the religious and cultural context of first century Palestine in which Jesus lived and taught,” he said.

The Bishop went on to examine this cultural and religious background, and gave listeners some pointers to understand the Kingdom, and he spoke of the critical importance of the temple to understand the incarnation. The Bishop then examined how we are called to fulfil Jesus’s mission and ministry.

A large crowded attended both seminars in Bushmills. This picture was taken at the first seminar on February 23.In the second seminar, Bishop Alan reflects on the final week of Jesus’s life, his death and resurrection, as well as again examining how we are called to fulfil His mission and ministry. More than 170 people attended this seminar in Bushmills on Monday March 8.

The seminars continue as follows: Tuesday 16th March – St Peter’s Parish Church,  Belfast; Wednesday 24th March – Drummaul Parish Church, Randalstown.

All seminars get underway at 7.30pm, finishing at 9.30pm. Booking is via the Bishop’s secretary Rosemary Patterson.

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