Staff away day to the banks of the Foyle

Tuesday May 11th 2010

Staff from Church of Ireland House who travelled to Londonderry for an away day at the home of the Bishop of Derry.Staff from the various offices of the Dioceses of Connor and Down and Dromore abandoned their offices in Church of Ireland House for the bracing banks of the River Foyle on May 10.

They travelled en masse to the See House, Londonderry, home of the Bishop of Derry and Raphoe, the Rt Rev Ken Good and his wife Mary.

The staff away was organised by diocesan secretary June Butler, and was a day of team building, focusing on relationships and fun,  underpinned by a Christian element.

The day was facilitated by Bishop and Mrs Good, who made the visitors extremely welcome in their beautiful home.

As well as activities in the comfort of See House, staff members had the opportunity to stroll and sit in the beautiful walled Quiet Garden created by Mrs Good with generous cross community support, and now a place for groups to come for rest and contemplation, a place where they can feel closer to God.

Away day hosts, Mrs Mary Good and the Rt Rev Ken Good, Bishop of Derry and Raphoe.The away day was an opportunity for staff from the different departments serving the two dioceses to get to know each other better, to consider how they can work together in the future, and to enjoy each other’s company in relaxed surroundings.

Thanks to Bishop and Mrs Good for the warmth of their welcome, the lovely food, and their words of encouragement and inspiration.

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One of the exercises involved throwing and catching a ball - and telling a few secrets as Tracey Taggart, Audra Irvine and Alma Atkins found out!Ian Ingram takes a seat in the Quiet Garden to complete an exercise, while David Cromie and June Butler chose the summer house.








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