Farmer and evangelist to address Maize ‘n’ Grace event

Wednesday May 26th 2010

Angus Buchan.A reminder that Angus Buchan, South African farmer and evangelist, will be speaking at the Maize ‘n’ Grace event in Tyrone from June 10-12.

He recently addressed a crowd of 350,000 at a conference on his farm in South Africa – the same number as may visit that country for the World Cup!

The Maize ‘n’ Grace event, so called because of Angus Buchan's farming roots and the fact that many of the organisers are from the agriculture industry, takes place at 8pm each evening in the Ecclesville Equestrian Centre, Fintona, Co Tyrone. The Ecclesville Centre holds 3,000 people and has been chosen because it is a large central venue accessible from all parts of the province.

Angus Buchan's life has been the subject of a book and film, Faith Like Potatoes

The event is free and completely nondenominational. Clergy and members from all denominations across the community have been warmly invited to a range of information evenings. The organisers recognise the good work that has been carried out by a complete range of churches and their purpose is to make a constructive contribution to that.

The organisers are a range of local people from the agriculture and business community. They include: Brian Keys, Leslie Stevenson, Basil O'Malley, Derek Telford, Alan Irvine and Lynden Keys,

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