Service of Prayer for Revival of Faith in this Land

Tuesday August 31st 2010

Bro David Jardine, Director of Divine Healing Ministries.There will be a special service in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, on Monday, September 13 to pray for the revival of the Faith here in this land. 

This is part of a programme of seven years prayer for revival, which began in June 2009 and is organised by Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries. 

Brother David Jardine, director of Divine Healing Ministries and one of the organisers, said that in recent years there has been quite a drift away from the Faith in this country.  This prayer initiative is geared towards bringing faith alive again.

Bro Jardine said: “I have been moved by the books of a Bishop from Uganda, Festo Kivingere, who looking at his country and continent in the mid 1980s and all the turmoil going on, said that it is Christ’s revolutionary love that Uganda and Africa desperately need to bring radically new relationships between clans, tribes, nations, races, political parties, and ideologies. 

“I believe that that is what we need in this country as well; that it is only a revival of our Christian faith and love that will provide the answer to our social, political and spiritual problems.’

At this time there are about 400 people in this initiative praying daily for revival.  The service on September 13 is an opportunity for everyone to come together.

Worship will be led by the Holy Family Prayer Group from Drogheda.  Brother David Jardine will preach the sermon on the theme ‘What is Revival?’

All are welcome to join this service which begins at 8pm.

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