Invite someone ‘Back to Church’ this Sunday

Friday September 24th 2010

Sunday September 26 has been designated ‘Back to Church Sunday’.

The concept, which began in England, is that people invite one person back to church on one specific Sunday. Every year across the UK, people have become inspired to return to church through a simple invitation from a friend.

The Church of Ireland’s Council for Mission report earlier this year stated that ‘Research has shown consistently that a large number of people are open to re-engaging with Church if only someone will ask them.’

In supporting the initiative this year, Bishop Harold Miller, chair of the Church of Ireland’s Council for Mission, said: “Back to Church Sunday is a wonderful opportunity for churches to re-engage with people who may not have been to worship for some time. I hope that those who are regular worshippers will take the opportunity to give a focused and warm welcome to people who may choose to reconnect with church this coming Sunday and to ensure that churches are always places that are open and engaging for the visitor.”

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