Challenges of Leadership seminar in Ballyclare

Wednesday October 13th 2010

At the CPAS seminar are, from left: The Rev Paul Dundas; Archdeacon Stephen Forde; the Rev Andrew Cowley, CPAS; the Rev Paul Hoey, CPAS and Connor training co-ordinator Peter Hamill.More than 40 clergy and lay people attended a seminar on the Challenges of Leadership led by a team from the Churches Pastoral Aids Society (CPAS).

The event, organised by Connor Diocesan Training Co-ordinator Peter Hamill, took place in St John’s Parish Halls, Ballyclare, on Tuesday October 12.

The Rev Paul Hoey from CPAS introduced the Rev Andrew Cowley who explored issues of leadership in parish life. A regular preacher and church advisor following 22 years as an ordained minister and the experience of leading three large churches, Andrew enjoys helping churches to focus on mission and leadership both locally and globally. His leadership experience is broad and deep, covering insights from business, Church, aid and development, and overseas mission.

The Rev Paul Hoey, left, interviews the Rev Andrew Cowley at the start of the seminar.Following the seminar, Peter Hamill said: “It was good to see a range of clergy and lay people working together in leadership in our parishes.”

Archdeacon Stephen Forde ex-officio member of Connor Training Council, said: "The conference gave an insight into the importance that character plays in leadership."

The Ballyclare seminar will now be followed by two Leading Edge Seminars, also delivered by CPAS. These provide an opportunity for parishes to look more in-depth at key issues in development.

The Discerning Direction seminar will take place on Wednesday November 4 in St John’s Parish, Malone, Belfast, from 10am until 3.30pm. The seminar will explore the role of vision in the life of a church.

A second seminar on Multi parish benefices takes place on Wednesday November 17 in St Patrick’s Parish, Ballymena, again from 10am to 3.30pm. This is a small group seminar that will help participants step back, reflect and think theologically and practically about the leadership required for grouped churches to become truly missional in attitude and action.

A section of those who attended the Challenges of Leadership seminar.

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