A lunchtime question – Is there anyone out there?

Wednesday October 20th 2010

The Rev Ron Elsdon will deliver the next lunchtime lecture in St Bartholomew's.The Rev Ron Elsdon, rector of St Bartholomew’s Church, Stranmillis, will tackle the topic ‘Is there anyone out there’ in his church’s next lunchtime lecture.

This takes place at 1.10pm on Tuesday November 2, and all are welcome. There will be time for questions, and light refreshments will also be available.

Subtitled ‘Theological Musings on the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence,’ Ron said the lecture will briefly review reasons for the increasing confidence among astronomers, biologists and others that life does exist elsewhere in the universe. 

He plans to go on to ask how likely it might be that we could make contact with (or be contacted by) other civilisations at least as technologically advanced as we are.

“The final question the lecture will deal with will be what implications there might then be for our understanding of ourselves and our belief in a God who creates and saves,” Ron said.

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