Service for the bereaved in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast

Wednesday October 20th 2010

There will be a special service in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast on All Saints Day, Monday, November 1 at 8 pm, to comfort the bereaved and to remember those who have died. 

Bereavement is one of the most painful experiences that people have to go through in life.  Nobody can avoid it.  It can sometimes take people years to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

This service on November 1 will try to let people experience some of the strength and comfort that can be found through Christian faith, and also to remember with gratitude those who have passed on. 

There will be an opportunity to come forward at a focal point in the service and to place on a special plate a prayer card with the names of loved ones on it.

Brother David Jardine of Devine Healing Ministries, one of the organisers of the service, said: “When my mother died a few years ago that was probably the most painful bereavement I have had to experience in my whole life.  I found that the strength I received from my Christian faith at that time was very important.  So in this special service we want to help people to embrace the comfort and hope that can be found through faith.”

Worship will be led by Paul and Beulah Shields from Bangor.  The Cathedral organ will also play as people come forward to place their cards on the plate.  The sermon will be preached by Rev Mike McCann from Carrickfergus Parish. 


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