Talks on reducing stress and finding peace

Tuesday January 4th 2011

Brother David Jardine of Divine Healing Ministries.‘Reducing stress and finding peace’ will be the theme of a series of talks taking place in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, during January.

They will be held in the context of the Monday evening healing services on January 10, 17 and 24 at 8.00pm. The speaker will be Brother David Jardine, director of Divine Healing Ministries.

Brother Jardine said: “Stress is a big problem in the modern world. The pace of life for many people is fast. The Troubles in Northern Ireland have left a great legacy of hurt and pain. Current financial difficulties are also putting pressure on many. The weakening of family life does not help. In West Belfast it is reported that 40 per cent of people are taking anti-depressant medication, an incredible figure.”

David Jardine will address the theme from a spiritual point of view and will try to make suggestions that ordinary people can practice in their own lives. Personal prayer for God’s peace and healing will be available in all of these services.

“If you are under pressure, why not come along to these services in January in Belfast Cathedral in January? It may be the beginning of finding a new peace, strength and calmness in your life,” Brother Jardine stated.


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