Faith group launches new resources for parents and teenagers

Tuesday February 22nd 2011

A new resource has been launched to ease the difficulties for parents when it comes to talking to teenagers about relationships and sex.

The Faith sub-group of the Belfast Area Sexual Health Project Board has produced ‘Unique,’ a relationships resource for both young people and their parents that is user-friendly and easy to work through. 

However, it is how this resource is used that will give a new approach to conversations on difficult issues.

Sharon Hamill, a Church of Ireland member of the group, said:  “For many parents it is very difficult to sit down with their teenager and talk about relationships and sex.  So we are advocating a different approach and encouraging parents to give this resource to their teenager and to ask them to review its usefulness for young people.  Then we would like parents to go back later and get their feedback so that they can pass it on to our group. 

“This approach will give parents the opportunity to approach the issue on our behalf and it should take the initial pressure out of the conversation.  As their child reviews the subject of relationships and sex for young people generally, they will also reflect their own opinions back to their parents allowing open and honest dialogue to develop between parents and teenagers on sensitive issues.”

For more information on how to do this a support website has just been launched at from where copies of the ‘Unique’ resource are also available.  It is aimed at 11 to14-year-olds and has been developed by the Faith sub-group, which is made up of members of the four larger denominations as well as Love for Life, ACET and Opportunity Youth.


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