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Tuesday April 12th 2011

Fr Paul Symonds taking part in the KJV@4:00 project in the Good Book Shop.The Good Book Shop’ s KJV@4:00 project is continuing to attract readers from far and wide.

The venture  involves reading through the entire Bible in the course of a year, with readers taking to a stand in the Good Book Shop at 4pm every weekday to read a number of chapters.

The KJV@4:00 aims to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible.

On Wednesday April 6, Fr Paul Symonds, based in the Parish of Kirkinriola, Ballymena, was the first Roman Catholic priest to volunteer to read as part of the project, much to the delight of Good Book Shop manager Richard Ryan.

Good Book Shop.“I think it’s significant that Father Symonds read because it shows the universal appeal that the King James Bible has in the English language, regardless of denomination,” Richard said.

The reader on Monday April 11 was Kelly Smith-Moore, a lay reader in the Diocese of Virginia USA.

Richard said: “Kelly heard about our KJV project and specially requested to take part in it when she was over in Ireland this month.”

The readings continue daily, and volunteers readers are still needed, particularly over the summer months. Anyone interested can contact Richard on


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